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Other options are available if you`re traveling for longer, need a portable hotspot, or want a different mix of calls, texts, and data. Either way, you`ll be connected with a minimum of fuss before you`ve left the airport. If you are staying in Germany for less than a year, prepaid phone plans may be a better choice for you as you are not obliged to commit to a long-term contract. The two main ways of purchasing a prepaid SIM card are online or in physical stores (grocery stores, cell phone shops, petrol station, supermarket, etc.) It is normally not required to provide a bank account (IBAN) for purchasing a prepaid SIM card as you can conveniently top up your credit online or in physical stores. However, to purchase a prepaid SIM card online, you need a registered German mailing address (Meldebescheinigung/Anmeldung). If you bought a locked phone, it needs to be unlocked (either by the company you bought it from or a third-party service) before you can use a SIM card from a different provider in it. one of the worst service providers. For a simple cancellation, I had to run from pillar to post. I went to retail, they refused to cancel. I called customer service, they could not even understand a word of English.

I wrote to customer service. They asked me to go to retail! They seem to be a bunch of useless customer service who cannot help with simple cancellation! I am paying monthly bill without using. They are thieves nur 24 37 € /Monat (29,25 €) 715 Allnet Flat L Aktionspreis: 24,37 € statt regulär 29,25 €/ Monat bei Abschluss eines Vertrags mit 24 Monaten Mindestvertragslaufzeit über bis zum 15.09.2020. Dieser Preis berechnet sich gemäß eines Mehrwertsteuersatzes von 16% und gilt vom 01.07.- voraussichtlich 31.12.2020. Die Mehrwertsteuer ändert sich voraussichtlich ab dem 01.01.2021 auf 19%. Der monatliche Grundpreis erhöht sich in diesem Fall auf 25 €/ Monat. Einmaliger Bereitstellungspreis: 14,63 €. Das Paket enthält eine Telefonie-Flat und SMS-Flat in alle dt. Netze; im EU-Ausland sind die Inklusivleistungen ohne Zusatzkosten nutzbar. Preise für Sonder- und Servicerufnummern abweichend. Surfen gilt für die Datennutzung innerhalb Deutschlands und im EU-Ausland. Bei Buchung über bis zum 15.09.2020 wird die Bandbreite ab einem Datenvolumen von 15 GB statt 10 GB im jeweiligen Monat von max.

25 Mbit/s im Download und 5 Mbit/s im Upload auf max. 32 Kbit/s im Download und Upload beschränkt. You can choose between multiple mobile providers in Germany, which all have their advantages and disadvantages. Finding the provider that suits your needs best can, therefore, be very challenging. To help you make an informed decision, you can find offers for basic packages in our mobile comparison below that can help you get a first impression of the different alternatives. If you are interested in one of the providers shown below, simply click the “Learn More” button to get more information about the offers! A SIM card starter package costs €9.95, but includes €10 of credit, making it effectively free.