Equity Bridge Facility Agreement

The interest of ZAR 16 million on the ZAR capital bridge facility, which is levied for the partial payment of the purchase money payment, is calculated until the facility is repaid on the proceeds of the proposed rights offer at an interest rate linked to JIBAR in accordance with the underlying financing agreements. Bridge loans can help homeowners buy a new home while waiting for their current home to be sold. Borrowers use equity in their current home for down payment when buying a new home. This happens while they are waiting to sell their current home. This gives the owner a little more time and therefore a little rest while they wait. Confirmation of the company (in the form of a certificate confirming the appropriate installation agent) that all the terms of use of the Equity Bridge Facility are met and that no less than $US 7,000,000 have been drawn as part of the Equity Bridge Facility. The video below describes modelling a capital bridge loan in a Brazilian wind farm financed by BNDES. In addition: (i) capital calls are usually sent to investors 10 to 20 days before the repayment date of the facility; (ii) the margin is made by reference to the interest period, i.e. it may be one, two or three months of interest or another period agreed with the lender. The margin is activated at the end of the interest period or in the alternative; (iii) borrowers generally prefer an uns tied facility and not a promised facility to limit the cost of credit; and (iv) Financial liabilities are often set with a debt ratio of 1:1.1/1.5 to qualified investors and debt to aggregate and qualified investors whose unused commitment ratio is 1:2.0 / 2.5, the facility to be covered at any time by 1.5 times the unfunded liabilities of the Fund`s investors. Bridge loans are also appearing in the real estate sector. If a buyer has a delay between buying a property and selling another property, they can apply to a bridge credit.

Lenders typically offer borrowers only bridge loans with excellent credit ratings and low debt ratios. Bridge loans converge the mortgages of two houses, which gives the buyer flexibility while waiting for their old home to be sold. However, in most cases, lenders only offer real estate bridge loans worth 80% of the total value of the two properties, which means that the borrower must have significant equity in the original property or abundant cash savings. Borrowers or guarantors will ensure that the non-excused bonds of investors do not exceed all unused investor bonds and that there are no other creditors of the fund or the SPV borrower other than the manager. Other specific obligations: (i) the obligation for the manager or fund to charge a minimum amount to the fund`s investors at an agreed frequency; (ii) the obligation for the manager or fund to provide information on investor bonds (for example. B default, exclusionary events, key human events, apologised investors); (iii) subject to the security package, the obligation for the manager or fund to provide all the information necessary for the lender to issue withdrawal notifications (for example. B the amount of the investor`s unsolicited bonds, contact information, copies of applications; (iv) no distribution by the Fund as long as amounts are pending as part of the facility or there has been a delay; v) no borrowing during a key event and in the event of a change of control by the administrator; (vi) a negative commitment to commitments not made by investors; (vii) the obligation to settle bonds not used in a bank account; and (viii) the obligation to sue defaulting investors and to demand payment of the deficit to other non-failing investors.