Us Eu Beef Agreement

“The agreement we sign today will reduce trade barriers in Europe and expand access to American farmers and peasants,” Trump said at a meeting of U.S. officials and American cowboy hat farmers in the White House`s Roosevelt Room for the announcement. “American farmers produce the best beef in the world. Thanks to President Trump`s leadership, this new agreement allows American farmers to sell more beef to Europe,” said Robert Lighthizer, the US Trade Representative, who signed the agreement with the Honourable Finnish Jani Raappana as a representative of the EU Presidency and Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis of the EU DELEGATION. Thank you very much, Mr. President. I`m going — my name is Kevin Kester. I am immediately the former president of the National Cattlemen`s Beef Association, and I am a farmer from California. I`m just going to say I`m a fifth generation. I have a 7th generation family at the ranch.

And we will benefit directly from this new agreement with the European Union. That is why we are very grateful. Earlier this week, Agriculture Minister Michael Creed announced a 100 million euro aid plan for cattle producers. The scheme, which will consist of EU and Irish Treasury funds, will be open from the third week of August. It is not known why the White House decided to do such a thing about it. This is definitely a good thing for American breeders, farmers and giant steak lovers in Europe. But in general, agreements like this are made, and then the public is informed by a press release – no big stuff to do. The agreement was then signed by THE US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, Stavros Lambrinidis, the European Union Ambassador to the United States and EU Representative Jani Raappana. The EU ban was not protectionist, as was presented in rural constituencies in the United States and Canada. The EU had already taken other measures to effectively limit imports of North American beef.

Essentially, the North American product related to the new ban, which did not contain existing barriers, was edible offal. [4] [10] Senator John Hoeven welcomed the agreement for American farmers and said the United States produced “the best beef in the world.” IFA national president Angus Woods said beef imports from the EU and Ireland would undermine beef prices.